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Hunting Areas


Selous Game Reserve is situated in the southern part of Tanzania and named after Frederick Courtney Selous, a famous hunter and naturalist who was killed and burried there in the First World War. It is uninhabited and divided into some 46 hunting blocks, varying in size from 300 to 500 square miles. The size of each block has been determined from its topographical situation and game concentration.

The vegetation is mainly ‘miombo’ bush with dense thickets in some areas. Some of the largest rivers in Tanzania flow through the Selous. Game that can be taken in the Reserve includes elephant, lion, leopard, buffalo, wildebeest, hartebeest, impala, warthog, eland, sable and greater kudu.


Our Consessions


One of our largest concessions with over 1,300 squared kilometers of county, it contains three major sand rivers the Namatete river, the Kitope and the largest umswega river this creates a habitat that holds a great deal of game Our Best Lions and Buffalo have been hunted over the years from this area the Lions have a characteristic dark ginger mane.The Buffalo average 40” with the biggest shot which touched 50’’ Elephant,Sable,Kudu,Eland are also of quality. The best hunting time for MS1 is September through to December.
This concession is our smallest with just under 800 square kilometers but is one of our most picturesque concessions the majority of the are is along the Rufijji river eventually connecting to MS1 the area produces some of our biggest Leopards, good Lion plenty of buffalo 38 to 40’’ average an abundance of Hippo very good crocs,waterbuck,Greater Kudu,Eland,Bushbuck and all the plains game this are can be hunted from July through to December also there is good fishing Tiger fish Gaint catfish and golden catfish.
This concession is our most central it is 1,200 square kilometers in size the majority of habitat is Miombo woodland with a number of smaller sand rivers, this area has produced a number of good Elephant with Bulls drinking at a key water points during the dry season, Sable, Eland and Leopard hunting is also good with an abundance Zebra,Wildebeest,Lichinsteins Hartebeest , Southern Impala, Warthog,Red and common Duikers and Suni. This area can be hunted from mid July through to December.
This concession is 1,145 Square kilometers it has a diversity of habitat from Miombo woodland to thorn scrub to thicket belts is also has a large sand river running through it called the Kimburu River when it comes to hunting LR2 is famous for “You never know what is round the next corner” all game is abundant in this area and can be hunted from July through to December.



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