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Tanzania has some of the finest hunting grounds on the African continent, where large concentrations of game can still be found.  Due to the Tanzanian Government’s wise policy towards it’s wildlife heritage, vast portions of the country have been set aside for Game Preserves, Controlled Hunting Areas, and National Parks. Luke Samaras Safaris has taken astrong stand with the Wildlife Department in participating with anti-poaching activities and the education of the local villagers into the benefits of wildlife through wildlife conservation.

Luke Samaras, born and raised in Tanzania, has over 40 years of hunting experience and a unique knowledge of this vast land. Let Luke Samaras Safaris organise your adventure of a lifetime. Ruark, Hemingway, and Roosevelt have done it and written about it, and you can do it too!

Luke Samaras Safaris offers you a hunt in the classic East African tradition.  Our picturesque camps are very comfortable and equipped with a spacious mess tent, insect and snake-proof sleeping tents with toilets and hot showers, fridges and freezers to keep food fresh and a plentiful supply of ice for your drinks. The cuisine is of the highest standard and all palates are catered for utilizing the game meat and birds combined with seafoods, fresh fruit and vegetables flown in regularly. You will be looked after handsomely by our friendly staff including cooks, mess stewards, waiters, porters, drivers, mechanics, gunbearers, trackers, and skinners. There is radio communication daily with Dar es Salaam. Our team of Professional Hunters are very experienced and highly qualified, each equipped with a four wheel drive vehicle.